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The Johnston Running Club is committed to excellence and that starts with knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate coaches.

Below is a listing of the organizations' coaches for 2016:

Co-Head Coach Britta Wey (3rd Year, 4th Overall)

Co-Head Coach Kyle Keraus (3rd Year, 4th Overall)

Distance Coach Luke Craven (3rd Year)

Hurdles Coach Krystal Berger (3rd Year)

Sprints Coach Grant Jacobson (2nd Year)

Rec Team Coach Marci Cordaro (6th Year)

Rec Team Coach Kelly Cordaro (6th Year)

The Johnston Running Club is looking for a dedicated throws coach to add to the organization's roster of coaches. Individuals with experience (high school, college, or professional) as a throws track & field athlete who are able to passionately impart knowledge and technique to children ages 6 to 18 who can pass a USA Track & Field background check are encouraged to e-mail for more info.


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